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Des dossiers pédagogiques qui regorgent d'idées


Au Bonheur des Bêtes

Au Bonheur des Bêtes

Régine Bobée

Xavière Devos

from Rosa Bonheur

This book is not available in english

Dossier pédagogique cycle 3 par Julien Ledoux

Julien Ledoux | Eduki

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Au Bonheur des Bêtes-extrait-1
Au Bonheur des Bêtes-extrait-2

7 - 10 years old

16 €

hard cover

format : 27cm × 24cm

32 pages

Art-Fiction series

Fiction as a path to art and beauty / From 6 years up
Children approach life essentially through their emotions and fiction is a privileged way to help them understand the world and build their own character. This is how the Art Fiction series leads the reader along a story which develops using details in the paintings. At the end of the book, a documented double-page brings answers to the reader's questions.

This book is available in French
Au Bonheur des Bêtes
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