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Des dossiers pédagogiques qui regorgent d'idées


L’Ogre des Livres

L’Ogre des Livres

Rémi David

Grégoire Vallancien

from Jérôme Bosch

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6 - 10 years old

16 €

hard cover

format : 27cm × 24cm

32 pages

Art-Fiction series

Fiction as a path to art and beauty / From 6 years up
Children approach life essentially through their emotions and fiction is a privileged way to help them understand the world and build their own character. This is how the Art Fiction series leads the reader along a story which develops using details in the paintings. At the end of the book, a documented double-page brings answers to the reader's questions.

This book is available in French
L’Ogre des Livres
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