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Des dossiers pédagogiques qui regorgent d'idées


Music / Musique

Music / Musique

Nancy Guilbert

Guillaume Trannoy

Mini Léon

Little Léon loves music in Art

Music makes you happy! Anything can happen when the little chameleon Leon is playing with flute, guitar, harp, violin, music box...

Bosch, Utagawa, Picasso, Fiorentino, Klimt...

This book is bilingual (English/French)

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Dossier pédagogique Cycle 2 par Julien Ledoux

Julien Ledoux | Eduki

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Themes : Music, humour, art, offbeat interpretation

3 - 7 years old

9 €

paper back

format : 20cm × 15cm

32 pages

EAN : 9791092232288

Mini Léon series

Art, English and Fun, a vitamin-packed cocktail / From 3 years up
Léon is the young reader's companion: Alternating humour, courage and reverie, he plays with art in a most inventive way. Each book explores a theme through 13 works of art from various periods and cultures. A sentence in both French and English emphasizes the interaction on each page. At the end of the book is a documented double-page rich with ideas of activities.