Léon art & stories is 10 years old!

To discover: a merry band of books focus on animals and tools for teachers full of ideas

Léon art & stories

Set up in Bordeaux (France) in 2012, Léon art & stories is an independant publishing house specialised in children's books whose ambition is to bring younger readers to approach art through fiction.

When facing a work of art, the language barrier weighs nothing as the emotional impact is immediate: thrilled, surprised, moved, dazzled, children shift from the everyday world into the realm of art. Brought to life through fiction, the works of art speak to all.

Fiction becomes a gateway to an aesthetic purpose for 5-10 year-old children.

The graphic designer, Julien Boudaud creates the bold layouts.

Our Series

Mini Léon series

From 3 years up

Art, English and Fun, a vitamin-packed cocktail

Léon is the young reader's companion: Alternating humour, courage and reverie, he plays with art in a most inventive way. Each book explores a theme through 13 works of art from various periods and cultures. A sentence in both French and English emphasizes the interaction on each page. At the end of the book is a documented double-page rich with ideas of activities.

Books from the series Mini Léon

Art-Fiction series

From 6 years up

Fiction as a path to art and beauty

Children approach life essentially through their emotions and fiction is a privileged way to help them understand the world and build their own character. This is how the Art Fiction series leads the reader along a story which develops using details in the paintings. At the end of the book, a documented double-page brings answers to the reader's questions.

Books from the series Art-Fiction


Des Images et des Histoires (Art & Stories)

technical details and pricing

Our involvement

« Les forêts précèdent les hommes,
les déserts les suivent. »

« Forests precede people,
deserts follow.»


Léon art & stories is strongly involved in sustainable developement:

  • • Designed in France, printed and bound in France an Belgium
  • • Imprim'Vert certification
  • • Printed on PEFC or FSC paper

In spite of higher costs we want to uphold social, economical and sustainable values.


Gibert-Clarey printing shop, Chambray-lès-Tours (France)


Graphius printing shop, Ghent (Belgium)


Chirat printing shop, Saint-Just la Pendue (France)


Pollina printing shop, Luçon (France)


EMD printing shop, Lassay-les-Châteaux (France)